​The Baba Tree Basket Company Ltd. is an authentic gateway to the finest Bolgatanga market baskets of their kind. They aspire to a new model of ethical business that sees all of us as partners in an unfolding global transformation. 

Every day dozens, sometimes hundreds, of weavers— men, women, children and students— arrive at The Baba Tree compound to conduct business, work and discuss village issues. In the shade of the Baobab Tree these weavers who have been left out of the industry’s equation for over forty years, receive the highest price available for a basket in Bolgatanga in exchange for the finest handmade product of its type from the region. “It’s about doing business that brings honour to all involved,” says founder, Gregory MacCarthy.

Here are some of Baba Tree’s products spurn with love by the men and women of Bolgatanga:

What do you think of Baba Tree’s products? To learn more about as well as promote their work visit theit website on this link.

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